BLAKUS Fall-Winter 2017 all over embellished accessories are the fusion of elegance and power recreating some of our most renowned animal print patterns using subtle precious hand embroidery.

The exotic patterns namely the panther, python, crocodile and zebra are revealed by the contrast of noble materials, associations of different surfaces emphasizing the tactile and visual textures on the backpack, belt bag and our new comer the shoulder bag

The fierce animal spirit of the collection was explored through utterly luxurious embellishments to create one-of-a-kind accessories range combining the practical and the avant-garde aesthetic.

The tactile and visual textures, colors and patterns of every item are revealed especially when the bags are worn and light hits the surface, bringing them to life in a subtle dance of scattered reflections of light and shadow.

The BLAKUS backpack was thought as a work of art onto a practical accessory, a laid-back but yet sophisticated couture spirit aimed at a cross-generational mix of avant-garde, connoisseur women and men who aspire to a slightly edgy aesthetic, and are uncompromising when it comes to quality and design.


Nawell founded her Parisian brand BLAKUS in 2016, the culmination of her evolution in the fashion industry where over many years, with determination and passion, collaborating with several highly recognized and talented designers, she acquired precise skills and an intimate knowledge of the medium of embroidery in fashion. The BLAKUS brand was born out of a desire to find a truly new and exciting concept in fashion accessories.


“From the little spark may burst a mighty flame“

Dante Alighieri

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